Maultaschen 14

2 German Style Ravioli Beef, 

Spinach & Spices

Topped w/ Sauteed Onion 

Served with Potato Salad


Schnitzel Roll 9.5

Breaded & Pan Fried Pork Loin, 

On a Dinner Roll With Lettuce, 

Tomato, Cucumber & Remoulade


Pork Schnitzel 14

Breaded & Panfried Pork Loin

w/ 2 sides


Sausage Platter 15

Grilled Brat, Thueringer Brat

Swiss Cheese Knacker,

With Potato Salad & House Salad


Curry Wurst 6.25

Grilled Brat In Curry Sauce, 

Mild or Spicy with a 

Dinner Roll. 


Great with Fries!


Grill Brat 6.25

Traditional Coarse Ground 

German Grilling Sausage

Sauerkraut, Dinner Roll & Mustard



Thueringer Brat 6.25

Slightly Smoked German Brat, 

Sauerkraut Dinner Roll & Mustard



Stadium Sausage 6

5oz of Spicy Happiness, 

Get fired up for the Game!!


LeberKaese 6

Sliced Pork & Beef Loaf

Lightly Seared w/

Dinner Roll & Mustard


Apple Struedel 6.25


Sides 3

Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage, 

Potato Salad, French Fries,

House Salad, 

Add Sauerkraut to any thing .50


We serve a 

curated selection

 of German Bier. 

Inventory rotates

 so ask about 

current selections.

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